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Wildlife: Cuban Brown Anole


Cuban Brown Anole – Anolis sagrei sagrei; (Little Cayman, Grand Cayman)


Size: up to 58 mm SVL*, Males are much larger than females. Males are coloured light gray to tan to chocolate brown with some individuals having considerable patterning all over the body. They have an erectable dorsal crest and a bright orange throat-fan. Females have a similar basic body colour; however there is a stripe down the middle of the back that varies from whitish to golden-mustard and is bordered by patterning that varies considerably. Juveniles share common colouring and markings with females so that males will allow them within their territories. The very young always have a clear stripe from the base of the head to the end of the tail with no patterning. Although these lizards are mostly found on the ground amongst rocks and piles of dead leaves, they can be seen on trees and buildings as well, however they do not venture into the higher areas. This anole is native to Little Cayman, and although it is currently common in Grand Cayman, no fossil records have been found yet. It is a widespread species around the Caribbean and there are many isolated populations that deserve further study. Locally, they are referred to as "bush lizards".

* Key:
SVL Snout to Vent Length

Total Length (including tail)

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