About Cayman Wildlife

Cayman Wildlife is a website that has been developed by a group of environmentalists passionate about wildlife in the Cayman Islands and would like to do their best to advocate for the preservation of nature. Cayman Islands are not only one of the world’s best travel destinations because of its renowned services in the banking sector, it’s also an amazing tourist destination because of its natural allure which include beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise seas, a vibrant marine life, beautiful birds and also unique reptiles.

These natural habitats are tourist attractions which ensure that the local economy thrives as visitors spend money to enjoy the wide array of tourist experiences on offer. It’s therefore the goal of our team at Cayman Wildlife to work with government, the local authorities, the island dwellers as well as people visiting this beautiful island to ensure that we maintain its natural allure. This can be achieved through reducing all forms of pollution as we enjoy what the island has to offer.

We believe that when we keep environmental protection at the top of our minds even as we enjoy nature, we will ensure sustainability thus enabling us enjoy it for the next foreseeable future.

We therefore welcome you to join us in our quest.

Dorothy Freeman

Founder – Cayman Wildlife